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De la série : « The Bully Proof Kit »
This program presents three reformed bullies: Denise, Nicky and Lacey. Viewers follow as each one shares a personal story of past bullying behavior. Each of the speakers encourages viewers to...[Lire la suite]
What makes human beings social, able to see another's point of view, while still remaining ourselves? Where do we get the pleasure of exchanging, helping each other and doing things together?...[Lire la suite]
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"It's the first part of the year and they're up and running faster than I have ever seen."  – Joan Moser Since its publication, teachers throughout the world have...[Lire la suite]
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De la série : « Biz Kid$ »
Actions have consequences. This video examines the difference between ethical and unethical behavior in business, and the consequences that can follow from behaving well or badly.While businesses...[Lire la suite]
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De la série : « Miss Representation »
Media awareness for teens and younger children[Lire la suite]
De la série : « Demain / Tomorrow »
Energy has been a fundamental component of our lives since we mastered fire in prehistoric times; but as the climate change crisis precipitated by carbon pollution demonstrates, energy use must be...[Lire la suite]
De la série : « Demain / Tomorrow »
Can investigative reporting that tells compelling stories about actual solutions to environmental, economic and social crises play a role in solving problems facing nations around the world?...[Lire la suite]
De la série : « Science Matters »
The Material World – Organization (Atom), Properties, Electricity (electrical charge) This program demonstrates the different characteristics of the atom. Atoms are made of smaller parts and...[Lire la suite]
"Ensuring a respectful environment is fundamental. If there are isolated incidents, it's important to respond strictly in order to show that it's not accepted in the work place." ...[Lire la suite]
"I've always taken care of those who are younger than me. It comes naturally to me. Actually, I don't really see myself without kids." – Kim Alex, Homogen[Lire la suite]