The 150 lakes here are clogged with the effects of a hundred years of logging. The desire to preserve what hasn't been lost has also damaged the forest. Now prescribed burns and lake cleanups...[Lire la suite]
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An assassination attempt was not enough to curtail the human-rights work of teenage activist Malala Yousafzai. "One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world," she...[Lire la suite]
This video explores the lived experiences of a group of Montréal-based women educators, who are all in different ways interested and involved in teaching for peace. The video points to the linkages...[Lire la suite]
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Mohandas K. Gandhi, father of Indian independence and champion of non-violence, died a violent death at the hands of Hindu extremists. This film relates his story as he struggles peacefully to rid...[Lire la suite]
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The Métis are one of Canada's three official Aboriginal peoples and have played an instrumental role in shaping the Canada we know today. Narrated and produced by multi award winning Métis film...[Lire la suite]
"It's not what defines me. I am Jean-Éric Grandmaître who also happens to be gay. That's all. I think that's what I like to say to younger people: just be yourself." –...[Lire la suite]
"If I'm happy and I'm not hurting anyone by being happy, there is no problem. I think our goal will truly be achieved when parades won't be necessary anymore, but for now, we still...[Lire la suite]
"I accept it well today, really, but I don't think my lifetime will be long enough to fully accept it. […] Generally, the worst homophobia you will face is your own." –...[Lire la suite]
"Ensuring a respectful environment is fundamental. If there are isolated incidents, it's important to respond strictly in order to show that it's not accepted in the work place." ...[Lire la suite]
"I've always taken care of those who are younger than me. It comes naturally to me. Actually, I don't really see myself without kids." – Kim Alex, Homogen[Lire la suite]