A Canadian-produced look at Remembrance Day – its history, its stories, its meaning and its symbols. Using both archival and modern-day footage, this program provides young students with a...[Lire la suite]
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L'urbex : une véritable chasse au trésor au cœur de ruines modernes Partout, des édifices ferment, des usines déménagent, des maisons sont laissées à l'abandon. Peu à peu, les lieux se...[Lire la suite]
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Indian Residential Schools are a part of our shared history in Canada. Prior to European contact, First Nations people had their own education system, governing system, beliefs and customs. While...[Lire la suite]
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An assassination attempt was not enough to curtail the human-rights work of teenage activist Malala Yousafzai. "One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world," she...[Lire la suite]
"It's not what defines me. I am Jean-Éric Grandmaître who also happens to be gay. That's all. I think that's what I like to say to younger people: just be yourself." –...[Lire la suite]
"If I'm happy and I'm not hurting anyone by being happy, there is no problem. I think our goal will truly be achieved when parades won't be necessary anymore, but for now, we still...[Lire la suite]
"I accept it well today, really, but I don't think my lifetime will be long enough to fully accept it. […] Generally, the worst homophobia you will face is your own." –...[Lire la suite]
"Ensuring a respectful environment is fundamental. If there are isolated incidents, it's important to respond strictly in order to show that it's not accepted in the work place." ...[Lire la suite]
"I've always taken care of those who are younger than me. It comes naturally to me. Actually, I don't really see myself without kids." – Kim Alex, Homogen[Lire la suite]
"It feels the same way that it feels for anybody who's falling in love, you meet somebody amazing…" – Jill, Homogen "Every girl dreams of one day marrying the...[Lire la suite]