The oceans cover three quarters of the surface of our planet. Yet 90% of the seabed has never been exploited. In this episode, discover infinite beaches, high volcanoes and deep canyons lying under...[Lire la suite]
The surface of the Earth may seem immobile, even static, but it is only an impression. Every day, there are at least 50 major earthquakes and a dozen volcanic eruptions. The Earth is therefore...[Lire la suite]
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You have no doubt heard of bitcoin; but what about David Bowie currency? It exists, and can be used in the British city of Brixton. Mind you, this example of a community currency has no value...[Lire la suite]
De la série : « Demain / Tomorrow »
Energy has been a fundamental component of our lives since we mastered fire in prehistoric times; but as the climate change crisis precipitated by carbon pollution demonstrates, energy use must be...[Lire la suite]
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Detroit, part of the American industrial heartland now labelled the rustbelt, experienced a decline in population from 1,850,000 in 1950 to 713,000 in 2010, with those remaining behind tending to...[Lire la suite]
De la série : « Demain / Tomorrow »
In 2012, in the prestigious science journal Nature, Anthony Barnosky, Elizabeth Hadly and 20 other scientists announced that the human population was set for catastrophic decline before 2100...[Lire la suite]
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Can investigative reporting that tells compelling stories about actual solutions to environmental, economic and social crises play a role in solving problems facing nations around the world?...[Lire la suite]
The 150 lakes here are clogged with the effects of a hundred years of logging. The desire to preserve what hasn't been lost has also damaged the forest. Now prescribed burns and lake cleanups...[Lire la suite]
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Christine Gendron is a nurse with a difference: she does post-natal home visits.To stay up-to-date on the field of health care, visit the U.S. portal allnurses. It's a meeting place for nurses...[Lire la suite]
Each summer, a team of divers takes visitors at the Marine Environment Discovery Centre along for a dive – live – into the heart of the marine park. This activity has generated some...[Lire la suite]