A Canadian-produced look at Remembrance Day – its history, its stories, its meaning and its symbols. Using both archival and modern-day footage, this program provides young students with a...[Lire la suite]
Mosquitoes, from Spanish for "little fly" measure between 0,5 and 1,5 cm and weight just a few milligrams, yet they are the world's number one serial killer, with a gruesome 7 ...[Lire la suite]
The second most important religion on the planet – 80% of whose followers are not Arabs. Islam often collides with the values of the Western world. This episode recounts the context in which...[Lire la suite]
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Amazingly this religion is without a God. It was founded in India in the 6th century BC and some see it rather as a philosophy of life than a religion . Practiced by less than 10% of the world...[Lire la suite]
Practiced by less than one percent of the believers in the world, Judaism nevertheless has a considerable influence on our civilization. Both religion and way of life, the faith of Abraham and...[Lire la suite]
The oldest of religions, Hinduism was founded around 1800 BC and has more than one billion followers, making it the third most important religion in the world. Without founder or prophet, it counts...[Lire la suite]
What makes human beings social, able to see another's point of view, while still remaining ourselves? Where do we get the pleasure of exchanging, helping each other and doing things together?...[Lire la suite]
The oceans cover three quarters of the surface of our planet. Yet 90% of the seabed has never been exploited. In this episode, discover infinite beaches, high volcanoes and deep canyons lying under...[Lire la suite]
The surface of the Earth may seem immobile, even static, but it is only an impression. Every day, there are at least 50 major earthquakes and a dozen volcanic eruptions. The Earth is therefore...[Lire la suite]