What Type of Person Am I?

This series provides educators with all the tools they need to begin the career exploration process with their students. The video presents the six personality types and identifies what each one means in simple terms that high-school students can relate to. The program also presents examples of various careers that appeal to these different types of personalities. This Teacher's Resource book includes a series of quizzes that will help students begin to pin down where they fit into the personality type constellation. Once they discover what their prominent personality type is, they will be able to consider how their skills and preferences relate to future educational goals and career choices. Learning and Evaluation Situations are available through BIM Online.

  • Primaire 3e cycle P3 Primaire 3e cycle
  • Secondaire 1er cycle S1 Secondaire 1er cycle
  • Secondaire 2e cycle S2 Secondaire 2e cycle
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