The Power of Poetics

De la série « The Poetry Lounge »

This video program, the second in a series of three (to date), continues to inspire viewers with the raw power and eloquence of spoken word poetry. Once again Gina Loring, Thea Monyee, and In-Q use stage presence and eloquence to draw viewers into their worlds and their perspectives on life.

Along with Nikki Blak and Javon Johnson, they explore issues such as gender relationships, urban poverty issues, and personal faith perspectives.

In interviews the poets reveal what inspires their works, and encourage viewers to delve inside themselves, find their own voices and connect with audiences.

The program is designed to inspire. As video program writer/director says, "Most of all we invite you to join them in expressing your thoughts, feelings and stories, and sharing them with others."

NOTE: These poets discuss real issues affecting their lives. Sometimes mature thoughts and expressions are employed.

  • Secondaire 2e cycle S2 Secondaire 2e cycle
  • Collégial C Collégial
  • Éducation des adultes A Éducation des adultes
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