Loonies, Toonies, Credit & Debit: Financial Literacy for Canadian Teens

A concerned teacher stages a financial intervention for some of her students. You'll meet Darrel, Leona, Jessica and Kristin, four high school students wading through the financial world of pay cheque, debit and credit card transactions, interest rates, car loans, tuition, housing payments and needs versus wants. With input from their teacher, employer, bank manager, car salesman and a financial advisor, these students learn important facts that will help them manage their finances throughout their lives. 

Chapters include: 

  1. Introduction 
  2. Gross Pay & Deductions 
  3. Banks & ATMs 
  4. Credit Cards 
  5. Needs & Wants 
  6. Interest Fees and Fraud 
  7. Right Time to Buy a Car? 
  8. Budgeting 
  9. Online Banking 
  10. Investing, Stocks & Bonds 
  11. Conclusion
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