Where in the World Are We? Mapping Skills

The world is an amazing place! It’s also huge. Young students need to have a frame of reference so they know exactly where they live in this big place.

In this NEW program specifically produced for your Canadian Social Studies curriculum, students learn that a globe is a spherical model of the earth. Our two hosts, Victoria and Jodre introduce important terms such as country, hemisphere, continent, ocean, equator, North and South Pole and more.

Students will begin to recognize that the world is made up of countries, continents and regions including the fact that Canada is on the continent of North America. The program will also give students an understanding of the relationship between climate and location. Includes a fun “Where in the World Are You?” continent quiz.


  • Primaire 1er cycle P1 Primaire 1er cycle
  • Primaire 2e cycle P2 Primaire 2e cycle
  • Primaire 3e cycle P3 Primaire 3e cycle
  • Secondaire 1er cycle S1 Secondaire 1er cycle
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