Cette vidéo fait partie de la série Mark It

When we were children, we learned the alphabet by singing along, pretended to be superheroes that saved the world, played videos games, cards, role-playing; and then, one day, we stopped playing… or did we? The explosion of social networks and the tsunami of new interactive channels for communication that have risen in the past few years have radically changed the way in which people interact, engage and relate to brands (and with each other). Some companies have seen the need to pull away from traditional selling messages towards more interactive experiences that relate to consumers personal lives. Find out how game mechanics and game thinking can help drive innovation, loyalty and even sales.


  1. Games in Marketing (00:00)
  2. Gamification (03:21)
  3. Engagement (08:21)
  4. Consumer Journey (13:24)
  5. Social Game Phenomenon (16:47)
  6. Future of Gamefication (20:28)

Documentaire - 24 min 11 sec

Australie - WOB I - 2013