Building the Victoria Bridge - Part 2

De la série « Québec Mosaic »

This two-part program recounts the exciting story of the building of the Victoria Bridge, considered to be the most challenging engineering project of the midnineteenth century. While the program focuses on historical figures and their adventures, a number of historical themes pertaining to Montreal and the Canadian railway transportation system are also highlighted.

  • Primaire 2e cycle P2 Primaire 2e cycle
  • Primaire 3e cycle P3 Primaire 3e cycle
  • Secondaire 1er cycle S1 Secondaire 1er cycle
  • Secondaire 2e cycle S2 Secondaire 2e cycle
  • Secondaire 2e cycle 3e année S23 Secondaire 2e cycle 3e année
  • Secondaire 2e cycle 4e année S24 Secondaire 2e cycle 4e année
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