Flight Dispatcher (Segment)

De la série « Driving Force »

Being a flight dispatcher at an airport is a highly-skilled, multi-facetted and sometimes nerve-wracking job – but a meaningful and satisfying one, according to Sebastien Bouchard. At the time this segment was taped Sebastien Bouchard worked as a flight dispatcher (régulateur de vol) for a company airport management company in the Québec City area. Bouchard had learned his trade at the Centre de formation en transport de Charlesbourg.

Vicky Michaud, who works at the Centre explains that flight dispatchers receive 900 hours of training in the varied tasks they are expected to master (navigation and mapping, meteorology, etc.) She also discusses what kinds of skills and aptitudes a flight dispatcher must have.

Did You Know?
According to Human Resources Development Canada, aeronautics will be the most promising occupational sector in coming years. In the short term, pilots, navigators and flying instructors will be needed.

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