Fashion (Segment)

De la série « Driving Force »

When he was sixteen Duy Nguyen knew what he wanted to do in life: become a fashion designer. Patterns and fabrics become a way of doing art, he says. Now a significant person in the fashion industry, this video segment follows him as he completes his training at Montreal's LaSalle College.

Lorraine Beauchamp, responsible for special projects at LaSalle College, provides an overview of the three programs available at the college's International School of Fashion: Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, and Apparel Production. The teacher guide lists some of the websites and social media featuring Duy Nguyen, as well as schools and institutes promoting fashion in Montreal.

Did You Know?
The Canadian clothing industry is concentrated in Québec: 67% of manufacturers, 63% of production and 56% of the jobs are located in this province.

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