Plumbing (Segment)

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Giancarlo Lacombe, A Montreal-based plumber acknowledges that he was influenced in his career choice by the fact that his father is a plumber. But this graduate of the École des métiers de la construction de Montréal made up his own mind. Taking pride in being "good with his hands" and his ability to lay straight pipe and make clean joints, Giancarlo says he likes plumbing because each job is different.

Plumbing teacher John Dinofoldo notes that plumbers will find gainful employment for as long as homes and commercial buildings require water and heating. In fact, there will be a shortage of these skilled tradespeople in the near future.

Did You Know?
You can find everything you've always wanted to know about plumbing in the excellent site. Since 1995, this original site has been offering good hints for both professionals and amateurs. There is also a humorous – and very well done – section on the history of the trade since ancient times.

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