Thanatology (Segment)

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Thanatology a subject associated with the funeral services industry. It is the scientific study of death, in both its physiological aspects and its social dimensions. 

This word may be unfamiliar to most career information seekers. But as host Rick Campanelli explains, funeral service professionals provide essential support to those who lose a loved one, compassion being an essential quality of those in this field.

The segment features Annie Pauzé, who is a thanatology student at Collège de Rosemont in Montréal, Elise Briand, a young women working for Mount Royal Commemorative Services, and Collège de Rosemont professor André Lepine, who gives an overview of the professional duties of morticians.

Did You Know?
The origins of thanatology go back to prehistoric times. Our early ancestors had already developed complex funeral rites. The oldest graves found date back to 50,000 B.C. Depending on the status of the deceased, the body might be covered in animal skins and accompanied by weapons, bone jewellery or other personal belongings.

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