Marine Engineering (Segment)

De la série « Driving Force »

Charlie Mollet has always been interested in a life at sea. And now this young man in in the Marine Nautical and Marine Engineering Cadet Program – working on a ship – while taking a Diploma in the Marine Engineering Co-operative Education program year at the British Columbia Institute for Technology (BCIT). Viewers have a good look at the school's ship control-room simulator that marine engineering students practice on, as well as other aspects of their hands-on training. Like the other students, Charlie spends five months in school, undergoing mandatory training in both the theoretical and the operational aspects of the job. Then he put in six months at sea, working twelve-hour days. Marine engineering is a demanding job, but Charlie Mollet loves it. He looks forward to receiving his chief engineering certificate, a qualification that will make him employable with shipping company in the world.

Did You Know?
Worldwide growth in the merchant marine will likely result in a major shortage of marine officers – by the year 2010, demand is expected to exceed supply by 46,000.

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