Driving Force

Driving Force, host Rick Campanelli explores a range of vocational and technical trades that are well-paying, interesting and likely to be unfamiliar to career-seeking viewers. The program segments (around 8 minutes in length) profile practitioners of the trades or professions to find out how they carry out their work, why it interests them, and what kind of schooling they needed to land their dream jobs. The teacher guide offers information about Québec-based schools providing courses in the various fields shown in the videos. Another point of interest is that the segments often feature young women engaged in non-traditional occupations.

Each segment concludes with an interesting "Did You Know?" feature linked to the occupation.

The series will be of particular interest to Secondary, Adult Education and CEGEP students looking for rewarding career paths. They will find these segments to be insightful and inspiring.

Vidéos de la série