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De la série « The Kindergarten »

The Kindergarten: Science and Technology video, explaining the role of science and technology in the kindergarten classroom, shows how teachers, children and even parents can explore these two important areas of learning. 

In part one, different contributors present their ideas about science and technology in the preschool setting. 

In part two, we attempt to answer a variety of questions, in particular: how and why should teachers use science with preschool children on a daily basis? Also discussed is the teacher's role, which is to develop the best possible ways of helping children uncover the causes of the phenomena they have observed (e.g. asking questions, stimulating their curiosity, comparing ideas, helping students to communicate their discoveries). 

Throughout the video, the contributors' ideas are illustrated by practical scientific and technological experiments conducted in the classroom. 

Content of the video 

This video is a tool to help teachers and parents have a better understanding of science and technology and on how to get children involved. The science and technology video in Kindergarten is 26 minutes 30 seconds long and contains footage of children, teachers, university professors and consultants giving their views and sharing their experiences in relation to science and technology. It also contains excerpts from classroom situations and interviews with experts and novices (adults and children).

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