Sharing Practices With Christiane - Part I

De la série « The Kindergarten »

Christiane, an experienced kindergarten teacher, offers a tour of her classroom as she shares some of her practices with us. The purpose of the video is to offer teachers a chance to reflect on their practice in a sharing process. From this perspective, it is suggested that the presenter identify the needs and interests of the participants and group them according to their different topics of interest. 

During the viewing of the video, it is suggested that teachers be in small groups. To be more effective, teachers in these small groups should, if possible, be from different schools. It would also be interesting to have this session in a kindergarten classroom. As the visit progresses, the presenter may want to stop the video and let the discussion begin. The results of the sharing process may then be discussed in a large group or in a plenary session. This way all participants can benefit from it.

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