Emergent Mathematics

De la série « The Kindergarten »

The video entitled The Kindergarten: Emergent Mathematics is produced by the MEQ and features Preschool students and teachers in classroom learning situations. In the video, the following math educators also give their views on the process involved in the learning of mathematics by young children: 

Connie Barr – Kindergarten teacher, Waterloo Elementary School 

Christiane Bourdages-Simpson – Kindergarten teacher, Eardley Elementary School 

Patty May-Richardson – Kindergarten teacher, St. George's Elementary School 

Michael Cassidy – Mathematics Consultant, Lester B. Pearson School Board 

Howard Riggs – Faculty of Education, McGill University 

The mathematical activities and teaching styles that are portrayed are intended as a guide to help teachers improve upon their own classroom practices, in relation to the preschool program.

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