6-Education (Segment)

De la série « Demain / Tomorrow »

Finland, often cited as a model of how to go about educating youth the right way, is an important stop on the filmmakers' itinerary. Viewers see Cyril Dion sum up the pedagogy espoused by the Kirkkojärvi Comprehensive School in Espoo as "benevolent". Teachers love their profession, do not hand out marks or impose sanctions, share meals with students, use a variety of pedagogical methods adapted to individual circumstances rather than apply a standardized formula, and take into account the personality and dispositions of each student. In this school the goal is to encourage the blossoming of the child more than to transmit prescribed knowledge. 

Students in Finland learn to live in harmony with others, to cooperate, to negotiate – and also learn to use their hands. Despite all these seemingly airy-fairy practices, the country's purely "academic" results hold up rather well: in 2009, the Finnish education system was ranked second in science, third in reading and sixth in mathematics, "far ahead of all European and Western countries". Most importantly, the children were respected, empowered to express their emotions, and trained to "live together and work together to make decisions." 

Source: Wikipedia – Tomorrow (movie, 2015) 

Speaker: Kari Louhivuori, Principal of the Kirkkojarvi Comprehensive School in Espoo (Finland)

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