Tomorrow (Full Length Video)

De la série « Demain / Tomorrow »

Can investigative reporting that tells compelling stories about actual solutions to environmental, economic and social crises play a role in solving problems facing nations around the world? Following the publication of a study that forecast catastrophic declines of the human population by 2100, Cyril Dion, Mélanie Laurent and a team of four activists set out to investigate how ten countries were coping with crises in their lands. The investigators wanted to find out more about what had precipitated disasters in these different regions – and especially what was being done to solve these problems.

During their journey, they met with visionaries who were reinventing agricultural, energy, economic and democratic systems, as well as educational practices. By showcasing initiatives that are already in place and paying off, the investigators catch a glimpse of solutions that can transform the world in the years to come.

This program was awarded the prestigious César 2016 for best documentary! Overview of Tomorrow NOTE: with English sub-titles, some interviews in English.

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