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Who may subscribe to CVE – Connecting Videos to Education

CVE – Connecting Videos to Education is available for non-commercial educational use in Québec and Canada in educational institutions and in non-profit organizations with an educational mandate, including libraries. Only institutions following within these parameters may subscribe to CVE – Connecting Videos to Education. Subscriptions are made with institutions only – an individual may not subscribe in his or her name. To enrol your organization or institution, please fill out the order form below.

Subscription Form to CVE – Connecting Videos to Education

The authorized representative is the person nominated by the management of the institution to communicate with the representative of CVE - La Collection de videos éducatives (Connecting Videos to Education). Please note that there is a subscription fee to CVE - Collection of educational videos.
Official identification number :
  • For Québec school boards and schools, the number provided by MELS (le ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir, et du Sport)
  • For all other establishments or institutions in Québec or Canada, the number provided by the competent authority in the jurisdiction (ministry, business registry, etc.)

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