Earth has exhausted its natural resources for 2019

It's official, the Earth has been living on credit since July 29th.

Humanity has exhausted all the natural resources the Earth can renew in a year, in less than 7 months. By comparison, the NGO estimated 20 years ago that this date was around the end of September. This means that the rate at which humanity consumes Earth's resources is constantly accelerating.

The Global Footprint Network (GFN) estimates that, if all citizens of Earth lived as North Americans, it would take almost 5 planets to support us!

But, what can we do to remedy the situation? What are the actions to take as an individual? Which lifestyle habits are the main contributors to the ecological deficit? If nothing is done, what will happen to our beautiful blue planet?

What if the whole planet consumed as much as you do? Calculate your ecological footprint here:


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