World Water Day

22 March
The Material World – Organization (Atom), Properties, Electricity (electrical charge) This program demonstrates the different characteristics of the atom. Atoms are made of smaller parts and hav... [Read more]
Our planet Earth is an amazing place! From large boulders to tiny grains of sand, our planet houses things of all different shapes and sizes. In this episode of Science and Me, Molecular Mike looks at... [Read more]
The second element of Culture is Economy, which distinguishes subsistence needs necessary for survival from wants resulting from the human urge to do more than just survive. While some cultures stress... [Read more]
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All the living things in the world need energy to survive, and so do you! In this episode of Science and Me, Molecular Mike looks at how living things get their energy, and how different kinds of ener... [Read more]
The Material World – Transformation of energy The sun produces energy. It is the ability to do work. Energy is the driving force behind everything that happens in the universe and keeping us ali... [Read more]
The first element that influences how people act in cultures is Geography, which can be broken down into Topography, Climate and Natural Resources. Topography, the natural surface features of an area,... [Read more]
What's the world like where you live? Is it hot? Cold? Wet? Dry? In this episode of Science and Me, Molecular Mike looks at different kinds of environments, plus the living and nonliving things we... [Read more]
Earth and Space The planet Earth is constantly changing. This program focuses on what the planet Earth is made of inside and out (crust, lava, magma). The planet is made of different types of rock: ig... [Read more]
In this program, a panel of three international experts trace the links between climate change, hunger and poverty. The panelists are: Suzanne Hunt, independent consultant, currently divides her... [Read more]
Climate: Changes, Challenges and Consequences Period of Questions [Read more]
The weather makes changes to our planet Earth, and so do people! In this episode of Science and Me, Molecular Mike looks at ways that weather patterns make natural changes to the Earth, as well as way... [Read more]
Living things depend on one another to stay alive. Look at you! People depend on plants and other living things for food, clothing, shelter, and all sorts of things we need. In this episode of Science... [Read more]