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1- Video Utilization Rights

2- Privacy Policy


1- Video Utilization Rights

CVE – Connecting Videos in Education distributes educational non-commercial video programs to French-language schools and non-profit organizations with a francophone educational mandate (including libraries) throughout Canada as well as English-language schools in Quebec.

In any commercial agreement between the Société and another institution wishing to download or screen an online version of a program, the institution, by making use of the services of the CVE – Connecting Videos in Education website engages to:

  • Respect all copyright commitments
  • Not copy or alter in any way the video program
  • Not make available to any person or entity the access code granted by the Société.

Moreover, in the case of a downloaded video program, the user engages to erase from a hard drive, CD/DVD, USB key or any and all devices used for copying programs the program(s) in question within the thirty (30) days that the program has been downloaded. It applies only for the French-language videos.


2- Privacy Policy

The Société commits to respecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information. The Privacy Policy explains the circumstances under which the Société collects and uses your personal information on the CVE – Connecting Videos in Education website.

Said policy is meant to inform visitors to this website about the measures taken by the Société to protect the confidentiality of personal information and of the circumstances under which the Société uses this personal information.

2.1 What is "personal information"?

Personal information is information concerning an identifiable individual or an institution/organization. Personal information includes, for example, your name, personal or professional email address, postal address of the institution/organization where you work.

2.2 For what purpose is personal information collected, used or disclosed?

The Société can collect and use your personal information with your consent and only for the purposes listed below. The following are the purposes for which the Société could collect and use your personal information on the website CVE – Connecting Videos in Education:

  • to facilitate communication with you
  • to facilitate your registration and your online orders
  • to handle any of your requests for information
  • to allow you to register on a mailing list in order to receive the CVE Newsletter by email.

The Société will not sell, exchange, loan or voluntarily disclose, to third parties the personal information transmitted to us.

The Société may disclose your personal information in accordance with what is permitted and required by law, that is: to a governmental institution that asserts its legal authority to obtain such information, if said institution has a valid reason to believe that such information could be useful for the investigation of an illegal activity; in respect to a summons, warrant or court order made by a person or entity with the authority to demand the disclosure of such information; in respect to judicial rulings concerning the presentation of reports and information; or to its own legal advisor.

When you provide your personal information to the Société, you are consenting to the collection and use of said personal information in accordance to the principles outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Even if you have given your consent to the Société, you can withdraw said consent at any time, with reasonable notice.

2.3 Links to other websites

The CVE – Connecting Videos in Education website contains links to other websites. When you click on these links, you enter into contact with other Internet resources.

The Société is not responsible for said websites or Internet ressources. The Société has no control over said websites and resources, nor over the manner by which they collect, use and disclose your personal information if you give it to them. We encourage you to consult the privacy policies and terms of use of all websites linked with CVE – Connecting Videos in Education.

2.4 How does the Société GRICS protect you personal information?

The CVE – Connecting Videos in Education website endeavours to make use of adequate technological measures, procedures and storage methods in order to avoid any unauthorized use or disclosure of your personal information.

The Société is cautious to securely transmit your personal information; however, the transmission of data by the Internet is never fully secure. The Société cannot guarantee that the information disclosed by the Internet will not be intercepted by a third party. Nonetheless, the Société will take every measure available to protect all personal information that is provided on its website, including during the erasing or destruction of said information.

2.5 Contact the Société GRICS with any questions concerning the confidentiality of your personal information

You can request to have access to your personal information and to obtain information on the collection, and the use of personal information by sending an email to collection@grics.qc.ca. The Société commits to keeping a register that is as precise and complete as possible. You can help the Société maintain the accuracy of the personal information that you have provided by informing us of any changes to said information.

You are likewise invited to comment on this Privacy Policy. Your comments and our scruting of transaction experiences will allow the Société to improve its privacy policy. You can contact us with comments by sending an email to collection@grics.qc.ca.