St. Lawrence River Project

30 November
A woman in the present goes in search of a woman of the past, Jeanne Mance (1606-1673), co-founder of Montreal.Annabel Loyola is from Langres, France, birthplace of Jeanne Mance four hundred years ear... [Read more]
Canada, blessed with an abundant share of the world's supply of fresh water, still faces challenges to safeguard this precious resource. This video examines these challenges, from both a national... [Read more]
Bordered by three oceans, with the Great Lakes at its heart, Canada possesses an extraordinary maritime heritage. Several communities are at work to create a network of marine protected areas worthy o... [Read more]
Our young hosts come across some interesting artifacts while cleaning out the attic. Their discovery leads them on a journey where they learn about the origin of their community. Using a combinat... [Read more]
Samuel de Champlain is known as the "Father of French America," the founder of Québec city, a brave explorer, an expert cartographer and a visionary who worked tirelessly to create a self-su... [Read more]
Early explorers and navigators expanded the influence of their empires as they ventured across oceans and borders in search of territories to colonize. This program brings to life many of Canada's... [Read more]
Each summer, a team of divers takes visitors at the Marine Environment Discovery Centre along for a dive – live – into the heart of the marine park. This activity has generated some fabulo... [Read more]
From the Great Lakes, to the historic city of Québec – we head east on an aerial exploration of the St. Lawrence Seaway.This series explores the features that define Canada: the most expansive c... [Read more]
The St. Lawrence river begins at the eastern end of the Great Lakes and is joined by the Ottawa River 200 kilometres into a journey that eventually ends at the Atlantic Ocean. The water flowing above... [Read more]