May 2018

A Word From Our Team

Thomas Dekker, a contemporary of Shakespeare, called one of his poems "The Merry Month of May" – which is true, if you enjoy good health. If not, this month, with its promise of renewal, can be particularly challenging. Perhaps that is why May has brought together so many special days with themes that fall under the broad category of health. The CVE collection has a wide range of videos that bring health issues into focus.

Speech and Hearing Month highlights the importance of educating the public about health issues surrounding communication and the critical role that communications professionals play in the assessment and treatment of communication disorders. Resources on dysphagia and classroom acoustics are available here. It is also important to emphasize the importance of early identification and intervention, and of environmental factors that can affect hearing – headphones, for example. The video Les écouteurs et l'audition traces the impact of these ubiquitous devices on our ability to hear. Another video, Monde des sourds reveals the wall of silence that looms between those inhabiting the world of hearing and those who are deaf. In another video, Rabii et le son, Rabii enters an anechoic chamber (an echo-free room) to experience the origin of sounds. In Génial! viewers are asked to detect the key element that allows the best sound insulation and acoustics of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra concert hall.

May is also Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month. An estimated 100,000 Canadians are afflicted with multiple sclerosis. Although MS is most commonly diagnosed in young adults between the ages of 15 and 40, we know that it can also be seen in young children as well as in older adults. Several videos in the CVE collection throw light on this debilitating disease, including one showing how the work of a team of researchers at McGill University holds out the promise of overcoming multiple sclerosis: Traitement prometteur contre la sclérose en plaques.

May also marks Cystic Fibrosis Month, a life-threatening genetic disease that is far too prevalent among Canadian children and young adults. Dr. Marco Sirois and Dr. Yannick Poulin have made a real medical breakthrough by using a temporary artificial lung to save the life of a patient with cystic fibrosis and serious pulmonary complications. See their inspiring story in the video Dr Marco Sirois : réussir un exploit médical avec le Novalung®.

In May, Québec celebrates the Month of the Three and Forests to demonstrate its attachment to this collective wealth. It is also time to remember that the history of this province is intimately linked to the forest, that this renewable resource is essential for the economic and social development of Québec. The video Tree of Life, take a closer look at plants. Viewers learn about roots, stems, leaves and all the things plants need to live. Here's your chance to grab your shovel and dig into some science fun!

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Themes Observed in May

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The Collection by Themes

  • Art
    • May 3, 2006 – Death of Karel Appel (85 years old)
    • May 8, 1903 – Death of Paul Gauguin (55 years old)
    • May 12, 1985 – Death of Jean Dubuffet (83 years old)
    • May 15, 2013 – Death of Robert Roussil (87 years old)
    • May 17, 1510 – Death of Sandro Botticelli (66 years old)
    • May 21, 2002 – Death of Niki de Saint Phalle (71 years old)
    • May 22, 1885 – Death of Victor Hugo (56 years old)
    • May 27 – International Museum Day
    • May 30, 1640 – Death of Peter Paul Rubens (62 years old)
  • Car Racing
    • May 8, 1982 – Death of Gilles Villeneuve (32 years old)
  • Professional Development / Orientation
    • May 1 – International Workers' Day
  • Ethics and Religious Culture
    • May 17 – International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia
  • Environment and Consumption
    • Tree and Forest Month
    • May 13 – World Fair Trade Day
    • May 22 – World Biodiversity Day
  • Physical Education and Health
    • May 3 – Québec Sport and Physical Activity Day
  • Family
    • May 14 to 20 – Québec Family Week
  • History
    • May 14, 1610 – Death of Henri IV of France (56 years old)
    • May 21 – National Patriots Day
    • May 20, 1506 – Death of Christopher Colombus (55 years old)
  • Language
    • May 3 – World Press Freedom Day
  • The Contemporary World
    • May 7 – World AIDS Orphans Day
    • May 8 – World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day
    • May 21 – World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
    • May 25 – National Missing Children's Day
  • Music
    • May 17 to 20 – Festival of Harmonies and Symphonic Orchestras
  • Politics
    • May 2, 2011 – Death of Osama Bin Laden (54 years old)
  • Health
    • Month of Speech and Hearing
    • Cystic Fibrosis Month
    • Multiple Sclerosis Month
    • May 7 to 13 – Mental Health Week
    • May 7 to 13 – National Nursing Week
    • May 15 – National Denim Day
  • Science and Technology
    • May 8, 1794 – Death of Antoine Laurent Lavoisier (50 years old)
    • May 17 – World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
    • May 24, 1543 – Death of Nicolaus Copernicus (70 years old)
  • Civil Security
    • May 6 to 12 – Emergency Preparedness Week
    • May 13 to 19 – Police Week


New in CVE

  • Demain / Tomorrow

    Can investigative reporting that tells compelling stories about actual solutions to environmental, economic and social crises play a role in solving problems facing nations around the world? Following the publication of a study that forecast catastrophic declines of the human population by 2100, Cyril Dion, Mélanie Laurent and a team of four activists set out to investigate how ten countries were coping with crises in their lands. The investigators wanted to find out more about what had precipitated disasters in these different regions – and especially what was being done to solve these problems.

    During their journey, they met with visionaries who were reinventing agricultural, energy, economic and democratic systems, as well as educational practices. By showcasing initiatives that are already in place and paying off, the investigators catch a glimpse of solutions that can transform the world in the years to come.

    This program was awarded the prestigious César 2016 for best documentary! Overview of Tomorrow NOTE: with English sub-titles, some interviews in English.