Living Environment

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Living Environment
This video is part of the series Science Matters

Living Environment is linked to The Living World where students acquire scientific and technological knowledge pertaining to life as it relates to molecules, cells, organisms and ecosystems. 

This episode shows how environments have biotic and abiotic interactions for example. 

According to the Progression of learning (POL), this episode is linked to the following sections:

Secondary Cycle 1

  1. Ecology
    1. Dynamics of Ecosystems
      1. Ecosystems
        • Defines an ecosystem as the relationships between the individuals in a community and abiotic factors in the environment.

Secondary Cycle 2

  1. Diversity of Life Forms
    1. Dynamics of Ecosystems
      1. Trophic Relationships
      2. Chemical Recycling
  2. Life-Sustaining Processes
    1. Photosynthesis and Respiration

Documentary - 28 min 29 sec

USA - Becon TV - 2012