Connect the Dots: How School Skills Become Work Skills

This series explores five important skills areas that experts agree are required by most employers: (1) self-management; (2) critical thinking; (3) communication; (4) computer literacy; and (5) basic literacy in reading, writing and mathematics. The realistic, cycle 1 high-school-based scenarios in this program will appeal to young students and will demonstrate how the work that students do today directly connects to the work they will eventually perform on the job. Learning and Evaluation Situations are available through BIM Online.

  • Secondary Cycle 1 S1 Secondary Cycle 1
  • Secondary Cycle 2 S2 Secondary Cycle 2
  • Secondary Cycle 2 Secondary 4 S24 Secondary Cycle 2 Secondary 4
  • Secondary Cycle 2 Secondary 5 S25 Secondary Cycle 2 Secondary 5
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