An Introduction to First Nations Culture and Traditions

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An Introduction to First Nations Culture and Traditions

Before early European settlers arrived in what is Canada today, there were already many Aboriginal peoples living here. They lived right across this country and developed a rich and storied existence relying on the land and nature for food, shelter and clothing. Canada's First Peoples developed complex cultures and lived in harmony with their environment.  Each cultural group was made up of several nations with similarities in language and social structure.  Each group also had their own stories, ceremonies and interpretations of the world around them.

In An Introduction to First Nations Culture and Traditions, students are provided with a broad overview of First Nations life and culture. Your host, Cedar Smoke, introduces students to some important aspects of First Nations life - regalia and dance, food, drumming, powwows and the importance of the environment.  Elders share their wisdom regarding cultural practices, laws and traditional values. 

A must have for elementary social studies and art classes!

Documentary - 26 min 34 sec

Canada - McIntyre Media Inc. - 2015