Math in Music

From the series "Look Kool"

How come some sound combinations are pleasant and others sound like a cat with a screw loose? To find out, we'll make guitars out of shoeboxes, cut up a pizza, give Koolkatt a tune-up, and meet the original Otto Tune. Drum roll, please! It's going to be music to your ears… Viewers learn about how sound wave frequency affect the pitch of notes and how the relationship of different notes' frequencies affect how pleasant they sound when they are played together; how composers write music on a staff; whole, half, quarter and eighth notes and rests; how and why the thickness and length of guitar strings affect the pitch.

  • Elementary Cycle 3 E3 Elementary Cycle 3
  • Secondary Cycle 1 S1 Secondary Cycle 1
  • Secondary Cycle 2 S2 Secondary Cycle 2