A Canadian-produced look at Remembrance Day – its history, its stories, its meaning and its symbols. Using both archival and modern-day footage, this program provides young students with a glimpse into the past and a look at modern-day tributes to our fallen soldiers. From the battlefields...

From Academy Award-nominated director Richard E. Robbins, Girl Rising journeys around the globe to witness the strength of the human spirit and the power of education to change the world. Viewers get to know nine unforgettable girls living in the developing world: ordinary girls who confront...

Media awareness for teens and younger children

This program introduces the viewers to five methods for dealing with a bully: Pretend the Bully Doesn't Bother You, Tell the Bully to Stop, Stand Up Together, Ignore and Walk Away, Tell an Adult.

This program presents three reformed bullies: Denise, Nicky and Lacey. Viewers follow as each one shares a personal story of past bullying behavior. Each of the speakers encourages viewers to change if they have been bullies in the past.


Declaring our interdependance

Quote from Connected: "After centuries of declaring our independence, it may be time for us to declare our interdependence instead."

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