A Canadian-produced look at Remembrance Day – its history, its stories, its meaning and its symbols. Using both archival and modern-day footage, this program provides young students with a glimpse into the past and a look at modern-day tributes to our fallen soldiers. From the battlefields...

Media awareness for teens and younger children

This program introduces the viewers to five methods for dealing with a bully: Pretend the Bully Doesn't Bother You, Tell the Bully to Stop, Stand Up Together, Ignore and Walk Away, Tell an Adult.

This program presents three reformed bullies: Denise, Nicky and Lacey. Viewers follow as each one shares a personal story of past bullying behavior. Each of the speakers encourages viewers to change if they have been bullies in the past.


Declaring our interdependance

Quote from Connected: "After centuries of declaring our independence, it may be time for us to declare our interdependence instead."

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